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Comics and Graphic Novels

Gateway Student Stories  Pat collaborated again with Greg Mercer of Workshop 108 to create 200 pages of comic book stories for the Morton Arboretum.  The comics are used to attract young people into careers in the tree sciences.  Below is are some random samples from the eight stories.  See the entire series or buy the printed book at the Morton Arboretum's website here.  

THE EASY LIFE  this story of deception, betrayal, murder ...and robots is now viewable in its entirety for members.   Sign in to the member's page, fetch you a your favorite beverage, then sit back, relax and enjoy The Easy Life. (length 78 pages)

THE IMPOSTER  The Imposter is a short story about a man who wishes to trade in his life, but after doing so wants nothing more than to have it back.  Based on a true story!  Sign in to the member's page to read the full story (length 43 pages)

THE NEW FACE OF MR. SMITH  Pat's most ambitious comic to date.  Currently in production and expected to be released... well, someday.  

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