CHARLES DICKENS animation Series 

A series of Three Videos made for The Lake County Discovery Museum

The Charles Dickens project was first described to me as "a simple animation of Dickens pointing to various historic images… a film projector, an old radio, some image of the industrial revolution, etc. Our budget is limited so the animation can be very simple and lips don't even need to move when Dickens is speaking."


I received the recorded narration from the museum, which contained lots of thumps and booms from the microphone being bumped.  The only way to disguise this distraction was to make the film appear as though it was as old as Dickens himself.  Record pops, lo-fi filters and some subtle sound effects were added to the audio (thank you cleaver studios!) and film grain, dust and scratches were added to the animation.  All the elements are drawn in a hatching pen and ink style, mimicking the illustration style of many of Dickens's books