Below are some concept work done for the Lake County’s new Charles Dickens exhibition.  Unfortunately none of the these made it past the drawing board phase due to budget constraints.  

How do you add media to an exhibit based around the written word?

One idea was to have the animations give a brief “Cliff notes” overview of each of the chosen Dicken’s story.  Because of limited amount of time in which to reveal each story, this could be most effectively done in a humorous way where characters and plot twists are introduced in a rapid fire sequence.

Another concept for the Christmas Carol section of the exhibit involved scenes that would be broken into different windows using an existing replicated building exterior in the gallery. Behind each window of the building, a large flat screen monitor will illuminate the images inside the window. Telling the story using animation within the replicated building would have been a grand theatrical experience.

Another idea was to have each animation act as a theatrical “trailer” to each story, using one or two dramatic scenes that would entice the viewer to go home and read (or reread) the novel.  The look of the animations would be highly influenced by the original hand-drawn storybook. Illustrations of Dickens’ time.  

 Sketch for A Christmas Carol

 Sketch for Oliver Twist