BioMec sketch-0004

Above: An early concept that never quite made it

Spring Shoe is producing three new animations for the Field Museum's upcoming Biomechanics exhibition as well as various illustration for the show.  The first is… Muscles (working title).  Muscles are the motors of the animal world; They are made up of bundles within bundles that produce force and cause motion through “ratcheting” at the molecular level.

My first thought was to make the style of the animation reminiscent of old medical illustration like da Vinci's anatomy drawings with scores of notes all around the drawings.  

BioMec Muscles sketch B

I think would look really beautiful, but the style would end of constricting the amount of movement in the animation.  Besides that, one of the goals of all three animations was to add some fun and humor to the exhibit hall.  So the style was revised to reflect something closer to the illustrations of David Macaulay's The way things work.  A little more spontaneous, a little less detail and a lot more flexibility to move.  This is an animation after all.  

BioMec Muscles sketch A

The second video is "Size/Walking" (a very rough working title!)  For creatures that walk on land, the effects of gravity create some big challenges to being big.  This one has all the ingredients of being tons of fun.  If all goes as planned, I'll be able to animate an elephant and a mouse being dropped from great distances… all in the name of science!  

BioMec Size A

Also in the cast are dinosaurs, Godzilla and King Kong!  The style for this is a little more simplified and calls out to the old "cartoon modern" style from the 50's.  The creatures will all start as a cube to show their weight and then morph into an elephant, sauropod, etc.  

BioMec Size C
BioMec SIZE sketch D

If you're still reading you must be a fan… thank you.  The Third video will be a mix of archival footage and some stylized Monty Python-ish animation to show the evolutions or human flight… and why airplanes don't flap their wings.  

 From Icarus to Davinci to the Wright brothers, people have long desired to fly. Over and over, we have taken design inspiration—sometimes insightful, sometimes a red herring—from the birds. 

This one is still early in development.  Hopefully some works in progress soon can be posted soon.