In the case of winged flight, people were on the wrong path for centuries. Many humorous, failed flying machines resulted from overlooking factors of size and speed. Historical footage and animation tell the story behind our own species’ attempts to take flight.  The crude, collage animation style is different from most other pieces produced by SpringShoe and inspired by Terry Gillian's Monty Python work.

AAM winner

Special Thanks  Dr. Mark Westneat

Script  Amy Schleser

Voice Talent  Audrey Flegel

Sound Design  Chris Bradley -Cleaver Studios

Animation  Pat Bradley  Spring Shoe Animation & Illustration, LLC

Footage courtesy of Critical Past


© Loïc Jean-Albert
© Nicholas Bergkessel, Jr. / Science Photo Library
© David Merret
© Duncan Shaw / Science Photo Library
© Global Jet Courtesy of Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection
© Eric Isselee / Shutterstock
© Paul Mckenzie /

© The Field Museum 2014