Song That Jane Likes

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I am in the midst of inserting some really enticing text in this area that will describe what it is you are now viewing.  The words are being carefully crafted which has taken more time than anticipated.  For now just enjoy these three sentences, knowing that the proper text will replace them shortly, and they will be gone... forever.  

The Song that Jane Likes © 2013 Dave Matthews Band

Working with Filament Productions, here in Charlottesville, Spring Shoe Animation produced animated video content for the Dave Matthews Band's 2013 summer tour.  The Song that Jane likes is one of the band's oldest songs for which all new content needed to be created.  The four minute animation is played on a 60 foot wide screen behind the band.

I had the opportunity to meet Dave and discuss the ideas for the song.  Dave is very personable and downright hilarious.  I showed him some very
 rough sketches of some characters and some of the sequences I had in mind.  He was completely open to my interpretation to the lyrics and threw in some good ideas as well.  

My mother had died the week before, so the imagery is probably a bit more melancholy than the music itself.   The production time was about three weeks, which is really tight for 4 minutes of animation.  I really wanted to keep a rougher hand drawn look to the images, so I used various textured pencil lines and textured color fills in Many long nights went into this one, and the final files were delivered a day or so before the tour kicked off in Dallas.  

I was able to see the animation in its rough state played at the rehearsal space that was set up in John Paul Jones Arena.  It's pretty impressive to see it on such a large screen and with all the stage lights synced to the music.  It was a great experience (as always) working with Filament.  I hope there are more of these down the road.    

And if you’re a real fan, you can watch the full length version below: